This kind of *(@&#$( neighbour also have!!! >:(

Wah the nerve of some people!

Just now I went to hang my carpet on the balcony to hang it. So I use my feather duster to hit it so that all the dust and whatever will fly off then suddenly I heard this ‘OI!’, lol.. I looked down and saw this aunty cooking outside her house. Okay. Cooking. Ooops. Why would you cook outside when you got a fucking kitchen?

Then she come up and scold me 😦 -.- Hope the dust spoils your food 🙂
I hate this neighbour of mine. You know why? Cos they like to bbq outside their house then all the smoke and smell dissipate into the air and also end up in my house. They also like to hold parties, opening up a huge tent and use the carpark behind. Distruptive ok? And as I type now, they are fucking barbequing again. GRR SMELLY.

Besides that, I hate the kids too. Bunch of mats. They are like always playing this REALLY noisy remote control car (not the cheap ones mind you, the expensive big ones) OR a gigantic and irritatingly noisy helicopter thing which makes a lot of smoke. You think  you rich you can do anything you want ah? Nabei!

On a totally happier note, I adopted a new kitty! His name is Teager and he’s so cute 😀



  Concerned wrote @

I think your dusting of the carpet is more pollutive than her cooking. You should have used a vacuum cleaner instead rather than to spread the dust to many households. She cooks outside could be due to her occassional need of a larger space which she lacks in her small kitchen. She did it because she has a need, you did it because you are uncaring. Be accommodating if possible to live harmoniously together. What’s wrong with MATS? you CARPETS!

  Racer wrote @

The normal way of dusting is like what you do…to have a vacuum cleaner is not what everyone likes to use or have. Even if you do not dust that manner, dust is still around.

Cooking outside and having the smell and so on into other households is equally uncalled for. No matter what’s the occasion, I think she should not cooked outside of her house and frankly I do not know if she has a small kitchen etc. Even if it is a small kitchen, cook within her limit and not impose on others.

As for BBQ, it’s worse. Get the HDB (if you’re staying in a HDB) officers to check on her and video her BBQ in action and have this as prove. I believe this is not civic-minded and may pose a fire hazzard to the rest of the neighbors if not the whole block.

If it is landed or condo, best! Send this video to the Management Committee and have her fined!

Talking about uncaring and living harmoniously? Or how about accommodating? I think the Concerned fella do not even own a property in his/her name to begin with.

To Concerned – this neighbor of TS has been BBQ-ing rather frequently if you read properly…do you think this is living harmoniously or being accommodating?

Dusting is not a need? Do you bathe? Bathing is also a need…Do you even wash your own clothes? Do you have neighbors hanging their dripping clothes down onto your clean and just washed clothes? Or perhaps you do not own your house and still am a whimper in your mommy’s breasts? tsk tsk!

ha! MATS!~

  fajima wrote @

LOL??? Haha hey it’s just a little rant.

Anw “Concerned”: I donno if you’re being sarcastic or anything, but it’s just dusting the carpet! my vacuum is spoilt so i used another alternative, dusting outside like normal people would do lol. lol @ the carpet part

Racer: agree on what you said haha, yeah it’s hdb. she bbq’s all the time and the smell.. wah really man. worst than dust lor. they also like to burn the dried leaves they sweep.

haha these 2 comments.. so funnyy..

  fajima wrote @

oh btw its not those huge carpets.. its just a mini one =) xD

  Aysh wrote @

please lor the air is already polluted.
she dust her carpets cos she NEEDS TO CLEAN IT.
Mats Bodoh

  fajima wrote @


  kelly wrote @

I usually pat my mats in the toilet (use water to flush all dust down the pipe), vacuum it and then sun it. No need to do it outside the house.

There are worse kinds of neighbours around. You just need to be tolerant but if something is really noisy, knock on door and smile and ask for their volume to be reduced. Usually people will co-operate (even if they don’t like to be told). Or else you can always call the town council.

Rants are fine. I have rants of my own too! Especially the time when I got “arrested” for NABEI reasons! lol

  fajima wrote @

my “carpet” isnt exactly small so its hard to dust it in the toilet. i do it to my smaller rugs though.

my vacuum died on me so i just did whats common sense.. dust it outside @_@

and what do u mean by ‘arrested’ for nabei reasons? LOL!

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