Virtual Diarrhoea: Of Chalets, Beach Parties and The Ting Tings

Like finally. Time to blog!

Saturday, 10 Jan

Went to Serene’s birthday chalet! Someone’s 21 already! Met up with Jerald and Wilson at City Hall and Andy at Pasir Ris and off we go! Haha the journey to the chalet was funny. Talked about racist stuff, racist jokes..etc. Lol.

Cut the story short, there was alot of guests there, so many different groups of people. Was kinda boring cos no one to really talk to and I don’t really like socialising with people who I wont meet the next time so I just stuck with Andy. Yadda yadda, collected cake, wished the b’day girl happy birthday, bbq-ed some food then I slept like a log cos I had to go to Sentosa the next day. Can you imagine if I was up all night? I’d be dead at Sentosa.

Woke up at 7, took a shower and left, after breakfast (:

Me & Andy. I look tired.

Group photo.

Me & Jerald. Haha he looks like a fish here.

Woo. Grilling chicken thighs. Yummeh.

The guys trying to look badass while cooking hot dogs. RIGHT..

The birthday girl!


Sunday, 11 Jan

Beach party at Sentosa! Met Intan, Ger and Danny at Bedok and we’re off to Sentosa! Haha alot of things happened lah but I’m like so lazy to blog about it. Went to Giant to shop for snacks and lol, we bought cereal and milk. HAHA. Went to the rooftop to chill and camwhore and eat! Shi Pei, Elaine, Ummar and Johan joined in. We lepaked for a while took lots of pictures in an attempt to make a calendar..

Picnic-ing (:

After deciding that the sun is too hot to handle, we went to rot beside the ticketing booth while waiting for Aysh. As usual we camwhored again..

LOL. Goddd my double chin is like damn fugly.

Too many photos seriously..

Finally Aysh came and we set of to the beach! Laid the mat and started to EAT!! Arnold’s chicken is the BEST! Seriously it’s daaaaaaaamn good. *salivates* Played in the water, played in the sand.. lots of passing clouds! Went to the 2 towers to rot there instead and that’s when the fun escalates!

Ummar brought his party box and all the party poppers, streamers, sprays gone loose! LOL!

Haha. The mess was crazy. I got sprayed on by Johan and everybody else got sprayed too.


After all the fun, we decided to pack up and go back to the beach to continue playing in the water! Lots of funny shizz like Ummar throwing sand at Intan, half stripping..etc. HAHA. Well it was a reaaaaally fun Sunday and I hope there’s more outings like this!

HUNDREDS of pictures on facebook, so just click the link to see the hundreds of unglam pictures we took. CLICKY CLICK!

Beach photos part ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR!


Monday, 12 Jan

Back to school. Was aching all over! Anyway faci treated us to pizza!! Yum yum!


Tuesday, 13 Jan


The Ting Ting’s concert! I won 2 tickets the other time and I brought Intan along. Not a big fan of them but I must say that her performance is awesome live! Unlike some artistes who can sing well without edits, etc.

The opening act was some MAT band called Force Vomit. LOL Their songs are all very Malay. The lead singer is Malay I think. Dunno.

After some horrible singing by them, WILEY was next! Ok lah them. What Wearing my Rolex la, Money In my Pocket la..


After like 2 hours or so, The Ting Tings finally came! The guy is like so talented la and the girl (HAHAHA damn I don’t even know their names!) has an awesome voice! She was jumpin around here and there full of energy!


I dunno how many songs they played but it all ended pretty early. Went home and supper-ed with Intan before going back home to sleeeeeep!

I’m thinking of going for the Prodigy’s concert next month and GUESS WHAT! Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is coming to SINGAPORE IN MARCH! I’m so excited!!! Been waiting for them to perform in Singapore! WOOHOO!! =D

Anyway I’ll upload more of the concert pics on facebook. LATERS!



  s wrote @

The whole force vomit band is malay lah. You’re Malay yourself right, why do u have a problem with the band sounding Malay?

  jurlique wrote @

hello s,

i dunno if the whole band is malay or not la. and i dont have a problem with the band sounding malay. i think they’d sound better if they sang malay songs instead 🙂

why so agitated?

  Aysh wrote @

yeah all of them are malay hahaha they’ve been in the scene very long time ago when i was in pri sch i think.can say okok lah.don’t listen to them

  fajima wrote @

oh no wonder.. never really heard about them till that day. lol.
okok la their song. the singing not really nice but i think they’d do better doing malay songs lol

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