Caramel Apples, Singing In The Toilet



Intan came over to my crib today cos I’m making caramel apples. Of course not like the picture above, I’m a mere noob.

Prepared the caramel. Like zomg. The first time I made it, it was a flop, too watery. Today it was PURFECT! The right flavour, right colour..oomph. So yummy.


Perfect brown colour.. okay it looks super unappetising here lah. I haven’t get the pictures from Intan so later I update with better pictures. =D Haha it’s better than Mcdonald’s Appledippers Caramel sauce cos it’s thicker.

Cut the story short, this is the ending product!


Haha the first apple is so pretty! More apple pictures but they’re with Intan >_> The chocolate coated ones look crappy cos the chocolate wouldn’t stay on the apples! They still taste good though, just dip them in the caramel. Yummy.

In the midst of apple making, there was an outbreak of cockroaches. One came out of no where so I naturally killed it. THEN SUDDENLY..tens of them came out! I freaked out and LOL intan ran to the hall. I had to chase and spray the cockroaches like mad and I think I killed like 10++ roaches. Not easy ok! I sprayed and sprayed then pick them up with chopsticks. Turns out that the dustbin downstairs was infested and was fogged so naturally all the roaches ran up to the last floor. -_-

After that, we decided to record Remembering Sunday as a duet! =D I think we sang like more than 8 times. Once on the bed, then we moved to the toilet cos it sounds nicer. Hah =.=

Singing in warm toilet is .. interesting. There was the sound of running water from the other toilet and spoiled our recording, lol. In the end, after editing and stuff, here it is. I’m not a good singer so lay off the negative comments. 😛

*The lyrics decided to disappear somewhere later in the video for some reason -_-. Pardon me bout that.



  Queen wrote @

i googled singing in the toilet and here i am at your blog. love your voice! and the guitar! 😀

  fajima wrote @


haha thanks i suppose! theres 2 ppl btw.. me and my friend heh

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