Okay.. I was about to blog until this reporter from Digital Life called me to ask about some premium service HP offered to people who bought high end products.

Sadly I don’t have any service like that. Well I don’t know. Wasn’t told about it. But what’s cool is that he might/would gimme a call in case there’s any IT related stuff that I can help out with or something o.O Ironically I’m someone who kinda lags behind these things. HAHAHA.

So anyway, it’s the new year! New year, new resolutions bla bla bla bla. No difference with last year la actually. The New Year started pretty crappy. I wasn’t chosen for the Japan thing, not going to Philippines in March/April for holidays.. sigh. Still pretty cheesed off about the Japan thing, seriously.

On the other hand, what’s cool is that, I won 2 tickets for the Ting Ting’s concert next Tuesday! How awesome hahaha. Not much of a big fan but heck, That’s Not My Name! Ha -_- Going with Intan, yay. 😀


Time flies and soon it’s the end of the semester and I have to settle again with new people next sem. Ugh. I’m like, so used to my current class already. They are all awesome people! I don’t want to meet new people! 😦 I hope I get in the same class as Greg or Jerald or Jay.. anyone, cept them quiet people hahaha.

School kinda sucked for the past 2 days and today’s UT sucked as well. :<


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