Isetan Private Sale: Singapore In Recession? I Think NOT!

Oh gawd I’m so dead beat. My legs are like jelly. I’ve been standing for 10 hours cos of work. Tireddddddd.

Today Isetan had its Private Sale, where only Isetan cardholders  are allowed to go in to shop. Lots of discounts here and there and the crowd was CRAZY. People were everywhere and there was even a LONG QUEUE to get in the mall. What the hell lol.


So crowded! It’s ironic you know, there’s supposed to be some recession period now yet people are shopping as if the economy is up and ho-ho-ho. People were carrying their shopping and all..

I dunno, I’m not whining. I’m just shocked, lol. And the amount of people carrying branded bags! Gosh. Singaporeans sure know how to shop.

Actually I had lots more to say but I forgot.



  Aysh wrote @

branded bags.some are carrying fake ones!Haha!

  fajima wrote @

those aunties one sure fake.. esp LV. gucci can tell also if fake..
oh well we wont know unless its an obvious fake haha.

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