Threadless R Here

Finally, my shirts has arrived, after about 3 weeks of waiting!!! Love love love.

YEAH! The package!!!

Im awesome.

I am awesome!

Ooh 4 of them. Well actually 5 but 1 is for Greg. 😀

I feel like ordering more >_>



  krisandro wrote @

More $5 tees now! Order AWAY! (Until you wipe out your bank acc/credit cards)


  fajima wrote @


I want to order moar moar moar!
But but bank acc drying up!


  Rizzo wrote @

The Threadless package is proof that you’re awesome! LOL, they are cooler than my plain bags

  threadless blog wrote @

Nice choise of shirts!!
There is a new sale promotion at Threadless and with coupon code it’s really cheap..


  fajima wrote @

yeah i know. i ordered like 2 more in a mass order with my

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