Ben & Jerry’s ChunkFest

Went for the overhyped Chunkfest today. Gotta say it kinda sucked. 😦

Met Fir at Woodlands then off we go! Hahah was messin’ around with my DS Lite in the train, playing music games and err blowing games, lol.

So anyhoo, after the ardous climb up to Fort Canning Park, here we are!

dscf0002Uh yeah, that’s Fir and my geeky brother.

It started to drizzle when we reached there and guess what? It ended up into a full blown storm. Fuck! I was like soo super drenched, clothes all wet, legs all muddy and we were still queuing for ice cream. We queued for 1 hour and got a free B&J umbrella! Hehehe it’s cute, has clouds on it. 😀 Anyway, the pic below shows the 12 exclusive flavours from USA. Doesnt look appealing at all but I tried the Triple Caramel Chunk. Yummy!

dsc00375dsc00376OHH YES MY PRECIOUS ICE CREAM. $11!!! I rather buy the tub 😥

Hung around and ate.. and barely watched the Vermonster Eating contest. I wanted to join but lack of enthusiastic members. 20 scoops of ice scream and lots more goodies! Raahh.. free ice cream hahaha.

Overall, it sucked. Freaking rain, I got soaked, it was super muddy, overpriced food, super long queue, crappy entertainment. There wasn’t any balloons, fun and games like a festival should be. Soo overhyped. When it rained heavily and everyone got soaked, I was at least expecting them to give us discount coupons or free ice cream! But hell no. They sure earned lots of money though. Fuck!

Met dd and johan.. watched the contest and off we went back to the MRT station.

Went to buy my eyeballs to stick on to my laptop then homeeeeee!!! Kinda regret not meeting Shawn, Karl and Intan at the airport for lunch but then again it’s so effing far!



  Khaos wrote @

MUDFESTTTTTTT! bah sucks. i got mud all over my flips. had a hard time washing them away. zzzzz

  fajima wrote @

i have mud over my sandals too..
my friend more suay. mud on his sneakers and jeans.

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  sugardonut wrote @

11 freaking bucks for that small of an ice cream?
you know i got a regular sized cup of fruit tea, and a gingerbread man for less? xD

  fajima wrote @

pshh..hi intan 😦
yea overpriced i know 😦

with 11, i can get 1 toffee nut frap and maybe a muffin. bah1!

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