Threadless Rocks!


Threadless is having a sale!!! Thank gawd I waited for this. $5 tees! Design quite limited for size L though so I ordered 4 of the ones with the nice designs.. I think cutest is the lady bug one.. 😀 Lucky eng sin lend me her debit card.. I think I wanna apply for one too. Online shopping! Heh heh heh.

Ha actually I have nothing to blog about. Wanted to blog about my trip to the NTUC warehouse but lazy. Blog about bowling also lazy. Aiyah.

I shall go play online monopoly now. It’s fun. Toodles!


  Aysh wrote @

online shopping rocks!hahaha!!

  fajima wrote @

yeah man. its like simple, fuss free and in the comfort of your own home!!

  threadless blog wrote @

Threadless does rocks!!

Those 5$ tees are pretty awesome and I’m supprised they’re still for sale and not sold out.
Next time, use a coupon and save another 3$.. take a look at my URL.. I think I found another Threadless addicted like me haha 🙂

  fajima wrote @

lol, i did use a coupon, ‘holiday08’ and also my streetteam points so i kinda saved alot 😉

threadless addict thats right! when these shirts come, im gonna have like 10 threadless shirts. 😀

  threadless blog wrote @

ohh that’s is even better 🙂
I’m waiting for tommorow.. I have a feeling that there’s going to be a suprise with even lower prices and there’ll be some new tees which is great 🙂

  TeddyBear wrote @

Jagshemash! XD

i just checked my guestbook. hehe. am slow :S

yeah, mousey’s got his hair back! =P im back on stomp, but you completely disappeared off of it, lol come baaaaaaaaack!!!

there was an attempt to set up another stomper gathering, but i dunno whether that worked out, now there’s another one running on JTL, mostly attracting the older bunch though.

k thats it! =D have a nice day =D

  TeddyBear wrote @

o yea, i forgot to add, you might wanna try if you have the time.. heheh, just saying 😛

  fajima wrote @

stomp’s boring i hopped over to hardwarezone forum.

:p i usually just see see look look on stomp.. then log out already

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