Forever, ever, ever.

Okay haha random title. Listening to Chris Brown’s Forever at the moment, that’s why.

Updating because some people are asking to update..

Actually nothing much in life now. School’s per normal, I passed my Professional Profiling (yay), put on blue hair extentions..

Yea, blue hair extentions..

Eh.. this picture doesn’t do my head justice but yea.. it’s like that right after everything’s put on. It’s much better now though, looks more natural. lol. The clips are freaking irritating and hurts when I sleep. 😦 Costed me $27 and I’m so taking it out after 1 month or when the colour fades. Then I’m gonna do the real thing, dye it! 😀

Besides the hair.. that’s all. Time flies so fast.. it’s 12 November already omgwtfrotipratacurry. Hmmm 😦

Daily skype with Intan.. I don’t look shagged lah.. I emo~~ HAHA


  Aysh wrote @

yea clip in extensions hurts i took it out after one week.cannot tahan

  fajima wrote @

i trying to let it on for 1 mth.. if i can hahaha

then i go your salon you highlight my hair can? hahaha 😀 how much ah?

  Aysh wrote @

like u want to highlight like yr extensions?

  fudge wrote @

maybe like more obvious instead of thin stripes like my extentions..
you do the magic! hahaha

  Aysh wrote @

like one chunk/thick strip like that ah?
usually fashion highlight is like that ah.LOL

  fudge wrote @

haha yea yea chunk~ 😀

easier to talk on msn you know @_@

  Aysh wrote @

XD u know my email addy~

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