Russell Peters + TWO Birthday Buffets = Ultimate Celebration

MASSIVE POST AHEAD! 3 days worth of blogging!

4th November 2008


FINALLY! The day I’ve been waiting for! Russell Peters LIVE! Woohoo. Rushed to Rock Auditorium after school. 7.45pm and we’re let in. 8.20pm, show starts with Angelo Tsarouchas as the opening act. Damn that guy’s funny!

dsc00284That’s him, lol. Big guy!

After his opening act, RUSSELL COMES IN! WOOHOO! I’m so glad I bought the ticket, it pays to see his face up close! I sat at the front row HEE HEE.

dsc00285Russell!! He’s so hot and cute!!!!!!!! OMG. I love his shoes. HAHA.

Lucky I didnt watch Red White and Brown yet else I would have heard his jokes already. Super funny la! He was talking about Singaporean teens playing Dance Dance Revolution and it being a game biased to the Chinese. And he’s like, they should make a game for Indians.. but with light bulbs. You figure out why, HAHAHA.

That’s all the pictures I could take before his bouncer fucking LASERED my eyes cos I was taking pictures. FUCK! Anyway, the show lasted for 2.5 hours. Worth my $122!! Best self-birthday present hehe.


5th November 2008

Birthday buffet 1 at Sakura International Buffet at Somerset! Met Intan at Somerset and she brought Firdaus along, which was supposed to be my “surprise”. Oh the disappointment, LOL.

Walked around first to look for my mp3 player (anyone wanna sponsor? HAHA cheap one also can!) but can’t find the one I wanted. Finally our table was ready and off we went to the place.

Oh my.

The moment I got in, I got the shock of my life. Everyone was there. Shi pei, Johan, Aysh.. the old gang. The first thing that went through my head was, “WTF?!” cos I didn’t expect to see them at all. Well I guess the past is past and we’re talking again.. hee hee.

051120081300Shawn and me. Dude, you have to make it up I tell you.

Food was alright , didn’t take alot of pictures becos I was upset that Shawn had to go. Ugh.. 😦

Took a group picture after we ate:

blackparade1The black parade.. lol. I was dying in my hoodie.

Went to Cineleisure after that. Tried wasabi ice cream, which tastes nothing like wasabi but like green tea instead, yum. Level 9, played foosball, which was terribly funny and then spot the difference on those touch screen booth, lol.

My gifts for the day:

051120081310Angpow from Cindy, Bubble yum & Tootsie pops from Aysh, Puzzle set from Jo & SP, Toblerone from Matt & Eleanor, Stuffed toys from Elaine.

After that, bid goodbye to some of them and we drove/cabbed to Mount Faber.

Yes, at 11pm. Lol.

The Henderson Wave is beautiful and it’s so freaking high up. Nice~! We had a walk on those scary metal bridges, and it’s damn fun.

051120081311I wanna walk here again, in the day time so I can see how scary it is, lol. And in darkness at night! Ghost hunting~! Oh did I mention, sitting at the boot of the car is DAMN FUN. OMG. Scary but FUN! I WANT TO DO THAT AGAIN!

After the exhausting walk to and fro, SP, Jo & Elaine had to go. The remaining four of us, Cindy, Ummar, Intan and me, went to swensens to take a breather and drink.

Ummar decided to leave some feedback..




6 November 2008

Met mom, bro and uncle after school for another buffet. This time at Pariss International Restaurant, which is milestones better than Sakura.. but double the price lol. So many ah tiongs eating there and even the waiters and waitresses are ah tiongs but nevertheless, this is what I ate.


Ooh yummyness. So much fooood! *salivates*

Ahh.. 7th November and I’m officially 18years and 2 days old. My my. I’m LEGAL!

Legal.. but sick. 😦 FLU BOOHOO!


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  Makeiteasy wrote @

Burp burp.

And I love Russell too, make me laugh like nobody has ever before.

It would be great if you checked out my blog…

Check this out…I have compiled all videos of Russell Peters on one page so that you can enjoy without interruption. Have fun! It’s really annoying when you have to go back and forth on you tube to watch all his videos non-stop. If you know what I mean.


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