Woo shopping rocks~!

Went out to eat with Intan yesterday. Wanted to eat at Seoul Garden but its rather exorbitant prices put us off.. and I wasn’t that hungry anymore anyway, after 2 pieces of breadtalk.. bread.

Roamed around and see see look look. Bought lotsa candy and stuff. And a new stylus for my DS! Speaking of DS, Andre’s giving me 1 on thurs. OMG 😀 😀 😀 But it’s black though. So I think I’m gonna spend more money zhng-ing it and stuff =.=

7 Tootsie pops @ $3.50! Love the caramel thing in the middle.

Black and yellow stylus @ $5

Bit-O-Honey Lipsmackers @ $5.50 (expensive for a lipbalm)

Yea that’s what I bought yesterday. Ate U.S Fries and Hot Fudge Sundae at Swensens. Yummy..

Anyways. School was a drag today. Woke up late, stoned in class, screamed “WHAT KIND OF STUPID QUESTION IS THIS!!?!” referring to my homework. And guess what? My facilitator was behind me. How pwned can I get? lol

And like FINALLY, after 1 month I got my shirts I ordered. So lame. I rather go Bugis and buy now. Elmo and Cookie Monster. Pfft.

Lol I can’t believe Jerald was scared of me on the first day of school. Whaaaaaaat the hell hahaha.
Steamboat tmr with the guys! YEAY!



  rinaz wrote @

Oh gosh, I love that elmo shirt!

Where do you get it?

  Jurlique wrote @

Ello rinaz!

You can get it at 🙂

  otokonohito wrote @

So cute!

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