Fishes ate my legs!

And it was fun! I was at IMM the other day, meeting someone to collect some goods when I strolled around the mall and found out that some Fish Spa company is doing a roadshow or something for their Fish Spa Company. I’ve watched Xiaxue trying out the fish spa and even Kenny Sia who just tried it out, I figured, why not? I wondered how it’ll feel like having fishes eating your dead skin on your feet.

At $13 for 30 mins I guess it’s alright. Are there any places where it’s cheaper? Tell me!

I went over to the ‘tub’ and gosh, there’s so many fishes! 2 tubs, 1 with big fishes and 1 with small fishes. The person told me if I was daring enough, try the smaller fishes, and so I did.

IT WAS FREAKING TICKLISH!!!!! All the fishes swam to my feet!! Just look at the  amount of fishes there! I wonder how dead was the skin on my feet are, lol. I laughed and screamed thanks to the ticklish-ness =.=

A few mins later.. number of fishes on feet decreased..

Fifteen minutes later, I went over to the other tub where the big fishes are and OMG, I could really feel them biting my feet. It’s super ticklish and.. ticklish! I guess I should have let the big ones eat my feet first.. cos they can bite more, haha.

Watch a short clip of the fishes eating my feet.

It’s a fun experience and I soo wanna do it again!



  loverpearl wrote @

you have to be careful, cos some people got infected recently after going for fish spa.

i think People’s Park Complex there have cheaper one, I think S$10 for 30 mins or something like that.

  Jurlique wrote @

Yeah I recently read about it.. but I guess I’m okay, been a week and still nothing wrong.
Actually this fish spa thing I tried out is from People’s park, according to the orange paper. They had $10 but it’s for 20 mins.

  aquarium fishes wrote @

wow cool pic’

  Goejoua wrote @

question? if u keep going back to the fish spa won”t you like not have flesh on ur legs anymore? just bones? how do these fish spas work? so pecuilar…….

  fajima wrote @

they eat dead skin, not flesh, LOL!

basically u just put ur feet into the water filled with these ‘Doctor Fishes’ and they’ll bite the dead skin off your feet.

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