Sexy Red Audio Technica Onto

I got meself a spankin’ new headphone yesterday and it’s red! Hot sexy red. I was reluctant to buy it at first at Courts cos it’s $35 there. Guess it was fate when I went to browse a neighborhood electronic shop and saw the same headphones at $29 πŸ™‚ Awesome. Getting a yellow one for Greg tmr.

Isn’t my new headphone just swell.

Pretty. Sound quality wise it’s crystal clear. I like. Not much of an audiophile so as long can hear I’m happy already la.

Kua kua.

So poser but so nice. Psychedelic Headbands ftw.



  ruku wrote @

$29!!!!! I bought for at least 10 bucks more! Damn! Popular marks up the prices so much! OMG. But red FTW IMO. XDDDDDD

I was deliberating between the bright red & the bright green. And decided that red is more.. ME.

  fajima wrote @


I didn’t wanna buy at first after seeing the price at Courts, which is $35. I guess it’s fate when I passed by a neighbourhood electrical shop and there it was, staring at me.. so I bought it. LOL! Red ftw ^-^


[…] I’m going to do a Mass Order for the Audio Technica Headphones which comes in different colours. Looks just like the one I bought recently (refer to here) […]

  msblursotong wrote @

erm … may i know where you get the headset from?
cos i wanted to buy it too. but i cant seems to find.
i will be glad if you tell me. thank yous.

  fajima wrote @

you can buy it at any gadget shop or courts or best denki.. etc
i bought it at a gadget shop near my house πŸ™‚

  msblursotong wrote @

orhs, ty. but i cant find it at MS colour.

  fajima wrote @

ms colour? wheres that?

where do you live? maybe i can help buy for u.. lol.

  msblursotong wrote @

MS Colour its a store in amk.
i stay in woodlands.

  Passerby wrote @

Hello, i’m just a passerby. πŸ˜€
Besides courts, where can i buy this headphone?
Mind telling me? ^^
Cos, i went to courts at tampines mall, they don’t sell this.

  fajima wrote @


you can get it at those computer shops selling headphones/ earphones..
kinda everywhere i go.. i see the headfones in shops hehe

  ellie wrote @

has anyone seen the white one?!
I’m so desperately loooking for the white one but i can’t find it anywhere!
couldn’t find it in best denki either…T^T

  didi wrote @

I got the 1st anniversary limited color (copper red) as a present. brand new in box, unused. have too many earphones already. anyone interested to buy can call me at 97473351. selling at 30. πŸ™‚

  Door Curtains wrote @

i operate a small computer shop at home and most customers enjoy playing online games ;:~

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