Virtual Diarrhoea: Of school, changes and expenses

Short Talk: You know you spend too much time on the computer when this happens to you.

Cashier: Hi, may I have your order?
Me: Uhm.. student meal please, McChicken.
Cashier: Would you like to upsize it?
Me: Ok, upgrade it.
Me: …
Me: Uh oops hahaha I mean upsize!

Oh boy, today was the first day of school after a 2 weeks break. Things didn’t start pretty well. I overslept and I had to spend $20 on cab fare to school. I forgot to wear my belt so I looked like a pregnant woman in maternity clothes. Go figure, lol.

Class was… oddly easy today. I understood what was going on for the first time after 8 (!!) weeks and I did my part for my ppt slide, something I never did before, for this module. Mmhmm.


Wait.. what? Jurlique in girly clothes? That’s rare.

I usually don’t wear girly clothes because… I just don’t. I don’t feel comfortable in it and I’ve always worn shorts, berms, jeans (only black, mind you), T-shirts and Polo Tees my entire life. Like a guy, yes.. but that was what I am comfortable in. I seldom, almost never wore make up before because I find it a fuss to put it on then wash it away at the end of the day. Tsk, sometimes I feel like I’m a guy stuck in a girl’s body but NOPE, I’m perfectly 100% girl, with boyish habits. Haha. So why the sudden change?

I was told to wear some light make up to work so I did, for the first time and I found out that I looked nicer… but I am still very much lazy to put on make up. :p One day, one day, I won’t be. And also, I’m trying to wear girly stuff more often because, which male likes a boyish girl, you tell me?

So I’m slowly saying goodbye to my band tees, polo shirts and stuff that makes me look boyish…NOT! I still love these casual wear and I’m still wearing them to school. 😀 Cos I don’t really bother about how I dress in school, as long I look presentable, it’s all good.

Right, and now to expenses.

I seriously have to control control CONTROL my expenditure. I spend way too much on nonsensical and unnecessary stuff. I have this urge to spend and I have no idea why. I’m gonna stash my next pay check and cut away my atm card HAHAHA.

Jeez, look at what I bought yesterday after work.

JEPUN ICE CREAMS!!! At Isetan Supermarket. They are like about $6 each and really yummy, unique stuff that isn’t normally sold in SG. I bought this vanilla on the outside and ice kacang ice on the inside, with milk and strawberry, thick chocolate ice cream and soda ice cream. Yummy. Oh, and I also ate 1 on my way home, vanilla-lychee-strawberry flavour. Oh teh awesumness.

I bought 1 pkt of Japanese curry too since I love it. Simple to cook yet DELISH. Pity I lost my recipe/review.

Okay. I’m out. Tests to study for. 😦

Currently hooked to another jepun product: Wan wan milk beverage, lol. Tastes like your condensed milk with truckloads of sugar. Ah, bliss.



  otokonohito wrote @

Yes, I can visualise you looking like a pregnant woman who wants to upgrade her student meal. LOL. =D

  fajima wrote @

LOL.. slap you!

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