Mcd’s Onion Rings?

Mcd’s Onion Ringz

A box of goodness!

Ooo I love Onion Rings. Love love love. So I decided to try Mcd’s onion rings.. and I was expecting small ones but wham bam.. when I opened the box, I was greeted with huge onion rings, no crumbs! Reminds me of Carl’s Jr’s onion rings cos they use real onions. Mm delish. šŸ™‚

Punch card & wallet

Work is getting dull because.. Isetan Scotts is like so deserted! Most people come to see see and never buy…LOL well can’t blame them since the stuff are like so expensive. @_@ Oh well cannot complain cos I am paid to stand and stone! hahaha.. I need to get more black/white clothes.. everytime wear polo t not nice alr, lol. I still need a hoodie for school.. I’ll find one next month… can’t touch my savings already haha. Pay day rocks~!

Waiting for lift~

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