Nuffnang, & A Handphone

Nuffnang, & A Handphone

Right, here I am, blogging again because I have nothing to do. Well actually I do, like, playing my Sims 2, reading Stomp forum, checking my grades, my email.. lol. But on a whim, I blog hopped first and decided to hop on the Nuffnang and bandwagon.

Initially I thought Nuffnang is some weird blog advertising thing but I’ve seen many people benefiting from it so I decided to sign up for it. One of my old old habbo friend, Taqinah, certainly benefited from this Nuffnang thing from what I’m seeing. And also, Chaosdingo, another old habbo friend, is on the thingy.. hmm. Small world.

Blogging is such a big thing nowadays. :/

Anyway, less than 10 days left till I can go get a new handphone! I got this $100 voucher thingy from M1 and after sourcing around for a nice affordable Sony Ericsson phone, I have found the one phone that caught my attention. Let me present to you, the Sony Ericsson W380i!!

Oh my gosh, isn’t this phone NICE?! Even though it’s a mid-range phone, it’s good enough for me. Don’t need those GPS or Wifi shit, lol. What’s nicer is that, the phone is PURPLE in color. PURPLE! How many purple phones do you see around? It’s also a clamshell phone and me like that. I just hope M1 still has stock when I go and buy this on the 13th June. Bloody M1, purposely valid the voucher on 13 june cos that’s when the number portability starts. Wanted to jump to Singtel actually but in the end I’m too lazy.

Isn’t the phone niceeeee! The buttons are spacious and there’s some gesture function thingy. Hmm I shall review this phone once I get my hands on it.



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