Sims 2

Sims 2 & other stuff

First post for June! Haha suddenly decided to blog after blog hopping.. Saw intan’s new blog skin and decided to change too.

I don’t really blog about thought provoking stuff.. just random happenings that seems worthy to be blogged so that I can read it in the future and laugh at how stupid I was. Like I just did, reading my past posts and lol so many weird and funny memories. Memories. Sigh.

I am now irritated. :/

Anyway, work has been interesting but it’s so frustrating when customers come to try try but never buy and I’m irritated that the supervisor takes all the commisions 😦 Oh well.

Waiting for my pay.. so I can shop and pay my debt hahaha.. I wanna eat sakae again! I love the tofu thingy. =D~

That aside, my main point for this post is.. Sims 2. Yep, I’ve been playing sims for the past few days and it’s funny haha. I used to be super addicted with Sims when I was Sec 1. It’s fun controlling their lives.

Right, anyway, I made 2 male teen sims gay and kiss each other and 1 adult sim woohoo with his maid and 2 other girlfriends. Scandalous..

Gay pride xD

Dancing @.@

This is so NC16.

Half the week gone and I’ve done nothing cept sleep and play sims, lol. Need to revise on my maths and go out a little…


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