Muahaha pardon the random title.

Today was an awesome day I guess. Lesson was boring though, I just slept through the day.. was too exhausted and the lesson doesn’t interest me anyway. 😐 The UT was a killer…….. I think. I understand probability but I dunno what the qn wants. Hah, I think I’ll get a C.. but pass already can liao.

School ended.. walked to the interchange with Greg the Grape, Yangyang, Patchick (LOL) and Ah Qiang. Haha laughed alot along the way and Greg thot I’m crazy. Something that I’m not when I’m in class and I don’t emo and listen to jiwang songs ok greg!!! You mat! LOL.

Mrt-ed down to Dhoby Ghaut then to Outram then something funny happened. LOL I was waiting for Intan to reach.. then the train came for sometime alr then I received a call from Intan asking me to board the train.. I was like, huh?? where are you la? and when I was gonna board the train, the door closed on me and she’s in that train. LOL basket I had to wait for another train.

xD Met up and went to BAB to collect my cheque. Adelina is one fucker, she’s like not happy when she saw me. When she gave me the cheque, my name has been spelled wrongly. What the hell, I faxed her my bank book details and my IC leh, still can get the name wrong?!?! My pay is $90 but had $2 for some donation thing that I’m not even inform of. Nabeh. Intan received $9.50 per hour.. wtf so much for such an easy job. Grhh first I was “fired” without being informed.. then my pay is like that.. not happy with me ah Adelina? Tell me la. I bomb your shop then you know.

I left the shop super pissed cos I have to wait another week to receive the cheque. Walked to Sakae Sushi at harbourfront. You know what I hate most? Companies hiring China workers who can’t speak an ounce of English. I didn’t know there was no dinner buffet there so when I asked the China woman, she kept speaking to me in haltering english that I obviously cannot comprehend and she even spoke to me in Chinese. Madam, I don’t understand you, seriously. Go learn some english. Intan went to ask the other waiter for info then it turns out there’s no dinner buffet there and I dunno why also. Pissed x 3 sia..

Mrt-ed to Dhoby Ghaut to eat sakae at Parklane Mall.. once we settled down, CHOW TIME! Hahaha ate alot to maximise what we’re paying. Yummy. Intan’s company is awesome.. we talked about anything and everything.. about our future.. as usual, marriage, HAHAHAH and also match making our kids next time. xD Talked about S1 and S2 as usual too.. hahaha. Spent like 2 hrs or so eating and talking? yea.. πŸ˜€

Me: Eh why is the name Sean pronounced as Shawn ah?
Intan: I don’t know. Sean. Seen? *lol*
Me: Hmm.. “Seen” Paul? LOL
A few seconds pause
Both of us, in unison: “SEEN” KINGSTON! LOLLL

Hahhaha we were talking about the name Sean and the pronunciation. xD

I’m not lesbian but I’m gonna say this..


Meeting her on monday again to shop.. and “double date” if all goes well, HAHAHA. I need to buy a hoodie and new earphones, mine is giving me problems!

Ah well, work tmr.. need to rest soon. Toodles!~


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