Sat + sun = Satunday

Mothers day weekend! Had to work at fn’s restaurant on sat and sun. It’s HELL I tell you. SO many hungry people, lots and lots of food to be served. Zzz most tiring job on earth, as good as being in hell. Ha. Well at least I got paid… and a little extra due to someone’s carelessness HA HA HA…… ahem.

Since I was sooo tired after the 2 days, I didn’t go to school today. Lol. Inventory Management.. so it’s ok la I guess. I wanted to bring my mom go IMM to eat at Spaghetti Too but she hates IMM cos she used to work there and she hated working there. Hur. End up rotting at home then went to central to go repair my jeans cos the zip is spoilt. Cost me $12…. omg rip off!!1 Then paid bills.. went to find hamster hay but out of stock so off I went to jurong point……

Managed to find hamster hay and cheap hamster food. Wee. Since I some coins left, I decided to buy some pieces of sushi but I end up buying more then I should. O_O Since I hate having an unequal amount of money left, I spent $2.70 on rum and raisin ice cream. YUM! Collected my specs and went homeee! My specs is nice.. but looks like those emo specs. o_o costed like $165. wtf rip off again. My bro’s specs are like more ex. $200+ OMG.. but after discounts, every thing half price ^_^

Ok fuck I look extra ugly now and I look like some old minah. Well if I have my fringe down then better I guess. Hoho HO.


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