Spaghetti Too

Spaghetti Too

School was fine today, I paid attention for the first time lol even though I didn’t do anything. =x
Had Engineering Econs test today… it was easy but I dunno if my workings are correct or not, lol.

Went to Jurong East after school to meet Intan for dinner! Haha very impromptu dinner.. since I was hungry so might as well go eat. At first I was kinda reluctant cos I had no money but I end up using my allowance for next week since I’m working this weekend.

Working this weekend you say? Yep. Since it’s mother’s day weekend, Elean’s parents restaurant needed people since there will be a fucking lot of people eating there. Honestly speaking I’d rather eat at macdonalds than eat there. Nothing special about the food but the price is exorbitant. Sigh, if only our pay is higher. I’m paid a measly $40 for 9 hours worth. Not worth it at all but since this is an opportunity to earn some money… I just took the job. This weekend only anyway.

Funny how when I don’t need money, money comes to me. When I desperately need money, money hides somewhere. Jeez, lol. Ok not to digress anymore…

Dinner was fine though I felt that I was scammed and Intan is so lucky la. We went to this restaurant called Spaghetti Too at IMM cos I read at Rinaz’ blog about it.

Pictures are all courtesy of! 🙂

Spaghetti Too looks nice and the price are quite affordable and since we’re both on a budget.. we decided to eat here. Lots of yummy food and stuff and it’s mostly self service so THANK GOD there’s no 10% Service Charge!!! The service charge is a killer most of the time. So anyway, we have to tick what we want on this menu paper (below) then go over to the counter and pay. Unfortunately there wasn’t any milkshakes. 😦 Had Ice Lemon Tea instead.

The menu.

We ordered chicken wings for starters, chicken chop for Intan and sirloin steak for me. I was imagining the steak to be big and juicy but it’s actually dry and hard. Fuckin scammed I tell you. Intan’s chicken chop was HUGE ok!!! So unfair! 😦 This is how her chicken chop looks like..

Intan had fries actually.

So we talked.. and laughed.. and gossiped..LOL. Talking about our future cars, husband and other crap HAHAHAHA. The waiter looked cute but close up he’s actually pockedmarked. But still not bad lah.

Then comes the dessert! I was expecting my tiramisu to look nice but it came in a freaking plastic container, cream all messy and stuff. SKEMMED AGAIN BECAUSE INTAN’S BROWNIE WAS SO BIG WITH AN ICE CREAM ON TOP OF IT OMG. 😦 😦 This one!


I am so skemmed lah! First the steak.. then the dessert. End up I paid more than Intan and she had more while I had less stuff to eat. Omg 😦 Nevermind, I’m bringing my mom and brother here to eat for mom’s day, belated rather, so I know what to order and what NOT to order. HAH.

After that we went around window shopping.. I wanted to look for clothes but all either don’t suit me or not nice. -.- Haha then went into a vaio/sony shop while intan browse around, I played guitar hero on the psp hahaha, fun but lame.

Sigh work tmr 😦 FOR THE SAKE OF MONEY! Opportunity come I must take! rAH RAH RAH!

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