Band Audition

Band Audition

lol. webcam-ed with intan and she was eating a huge lollipop 😦

Was reluctant to wake up early today but had to meet Izwan at Macs cwp to pass him the credits. Ya credits. Habbo Credits. Lol. Met them, sent the credits to them and got $10 for 40c ^_^ Haha. These bunch of kids are very adorable. Innocent and hyper. Lol I wonder why I’m better among kids younger than me.

Rotted at RP’s library till 1.30pm before I had to go for some workshop thingy. UNFORTUNATELY, I couldn’t find the lab after half an hour of searching so I gave up and went back to the library and rotted there till 5+. Went to the TRCC for band auditions…

Practiced the Merry Widow mallets and snare drum. Page 1 for mallets was fine since I played it before but the next page was horrendous! I didn’t know how to play.. at all. Haha the other year 1s auditioning too are cool hahaha. There’s Shah, Nazri, Jo and one more guy whose name I forgot. Lol we’re all like practicing madly.

Hours later.. the time has come. Jo went first and she came out looking shocked/upset. My turn was next and I was so fucking nervous! There’s like 7-8 judges/seniors looking at me and I’m like so loserish haha. I was asked to play the F flat scale and I’m like HUH WTF IS THAT. Anyhow played, OMG. Haha then F chromatic scale. That one was ok. Then chromatic scale from end of the xylo to the other end. Stumbled in the middle but it’s ok. Rah. Snare drums was fine, cept my rolling was choppy.

After my turn, Shah went next. We all waited and chatted and laughed and all.. lol damn cool lah these people. We clicked like instantly. We talked as if we knew each other for years already! Cool man. 😀 Hope we all get into percussion.. 😀

Now I’m tired and there’s school tmr. Bye.


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