Weekend Recap

I’m lazy to blog. Seriously, lol.
Anyway, the only interesting thing about today is the interview for band. They asked so many qns and guess what. I might not be in percussion! 😦 They might put me on bassoon.

Nothing special. Rotted at home.

SaturdayWent to collect my pay after 1 mth of selling and promoting the books. Bloody hell I’m fine with the book commissions but I’m irritated at the amount they paid me for promoting. I made a site, adverted here and there and they paid me a meager $10. What the fuck? -.- can’t be bothered with them already. Oh. Build A Bear hasn’t paid me either. Fucktards.


Wee Boon’s last day to teach E46C. Sad. Class had a farewell party for him and bought a yummy cake. I love it can, got kinder bueno like that. Chocolatey toooo!

He’s 30 but he looks 20. 😡

Yummy chocolate cake. E4Sexy = E46C

Yo I’m an extra.

Cutting the cake and ya I extra again!

The Gurrrrllzz act cute

Stone Boyz



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