Labour Day

May day may day! Someone’s going into labour!

Labour day today. Was planning to just chill at home, reading my 6Ps and doing notes. That didn’t happen though.

Woke up early and went to pass sp something then bus-ed home. Apprently juying symphonic band was gonna perform at the istana again this year.. I was contemplating whether to go or not. I was walking home then I turned back and walked into the school.

Boy, I miss my sec school. Everything about it.. the canteen, the mini garden and all! Since I came like last min, I couldn’t go with the school but fortunately they let me but I have to walk all the way to the entrance myself =.=

Cut the story short, I watched the band play, take picture with the president, took a tour of the istana then went back to the band room. Lol I miss the band room. Tried out the mallets.. seems like I still have ma skillz yo. =D Here are the pics of the day:

Love, love. I do it for love!

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