School was per normal today, cept the class cam whored, lol. Our faci damn cute la, he’s like so jovial and happy it’s so sad he’s leaving the school. He’s 29 but he looks 20. I hate you Wee Boon hahaha. Btw that’s his name.

School ended at 3.15 and I was contemplating whether to rush to United Sq for B&J’s free cone day. Well I did set of to the MRT station but Joey said he had to queue for 50 mins, so I’m like, wtf? I went back to sch, did my work and ate dinner.

At 5pm I had a PP workshop and thank god to this workshop, I sorta understand what I’m supposed to do. yay me. This sorta reminds me of my F&N coursework during O levels lol.

Main thing for today was the band tune in session. OMG la my skillz are so rusty! I couldn’t play well and I couldnt coordinate fast enough. For an ex section leader, it’s pretty embarassing lah. I have to practice and polish up before the audition. I WANT to get in RPWS. Band is my life. I’m gonna suck up to the conductor hahaahahahaha. Ya right. I didn’t realize how much I missed band and how much I had passion for band until today. It felt really good to be in a band room, playing all these percussion instruments like I used to, except that with much pro-er ppl. Bleah~

Intan did this wallpaper for me, CUTE RIGHT! Now saw AWW!!!


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