It’s a Sunday

It’s A Sunday

Hmm woke up and ate lunch. Didn’t expect to go out or anything so I was lazing around in my room until my dad called asking me to go over to his house. Went to bathe and got ready and off to his house!

I didn’t go visit him for verryyy long already and when I reached there, oh my sisters are so cute! They got a maid too. 😮 😮 My youngest sister, Liyana has grown big and she’s ultra cute lah! Pictures of her!<:) So cute hahah her expression.

All 4 siblings..! & gosh I’m so fat hahaha

Ya so basically all we did was eat and watch tv. Watched Xmen 3 and Casino Royale. Nice nice. 😀 I wanted to borrow my sister’s PSP but she didn’t let me. -____- My dad said his friend is gonna sell a second hand PSP slim at $100+ or sth.. I think I’ll get that one if I can.

X-men is cool. I wish I had powers like being able to fly, telekinesis and..storm’s power. haha.

Anyway school tmr.. 😦 I haven’t revised and I haven’t even touched my PP project scope. It’s due in a weeks time. Sianzzzzzzz.

So many things to do yet so little time. Bah I need to go alter my pants also. =.=” For work next week.

Mm kay ciao.


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