Another Thursday

Another thursday, school’s fine, nothing interesting. Boring.
Thank gawd it’s friday soon, and I can sleep in for the week end.
Seem’s like I have training on the 2nd of May, yay. Work = $

Anyway. After playing greg’s psp, I WANT ONE TOO. Even though it’s so common and passe, it’s fun and it can double off as my mp3/movie player too! Omigosh but it’s so expensive, like $300 plus? T.T I want mine in pink. It’s so nice, like this one:

NICE RIGHT!! Omg. If I really can afford this, I’ll get the transparent hard cover! And I’ll get that music game greg has and other fun things lah. Something for me to play on my way to school and also to taunt Redzuan, because his psp died, haha.

I’m a laggard, I only get gadgets when they are slowly not that hot anymore. Blah, at least this is better than that stupid nintendo ds. 😦 PSP is cool but overrated! Too common, like grass but it’s so niceeeeeeeeee…..

I wonder if I can get a cheap one. Oh well.

School tmr, ugh. I’m still waiting for my audition for band! Faster la RPWS, tell me already!


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