It’s a wednesday

Wednesday Frenzy

Had no school today so I had the pleasure sleeping in! I woke up at 6 thinking I got school though but when I realized I didn’t, I went back to sleep. ^^

Had to wake up at 12 to get ready and go for my job interview at isetan at orchard. I reached there at 2.30 and apparently the manager went for lunch……. zomg. So I just chilled at the mcdonalds nearby, reading my book and eating ice cream. Wished I bought coffee though.

Read till 4.15pm.. it’s very very comfy reading there. Windy, relaxing, music not too loud, not too soft and the bustle of everyone walking here and there makes me feel so relaxed and oddly, happy. I definitely will do that again, going to the macs there and chilling while reading or something. Since I don’t have online commitments anymore and I don’t really go on Habbo unless Oto or Shawn or well, some others are online, I have more time, I think. I HAVE to finish my PP project scope first..

And revise for my Understanding Tests.

Well, I did get the job! I’ll be starting either on the 3rd of may or 16 may, which is a friday and it’s like 4 days worth of work because monday’s vesak day. Omg :o! Nevermind, I’m gunna get some munneh munneh. ^_^

Was supposed to pass Michelle and Yanmeng the books but both bailed out on me. Wasted 2 hrs waiting at Boonlay interchange -.-

Ok bed time, school tmr.

P.S: I hate you. Sometimes I wonder WHY do I even bother. There are other worthy people out there. Rah rah rah.


Gahh the more I see you the more I wanna tell you but it’s not easy. I fear rejection and just by observing you, I know you won’t accept. I know you know so why are you pretending that you dont? I really really like you. I feel happy when you’re around. Should I just keep waiting and regret more or strike now and regret lesser?


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