I don’t know what title

I don’t know what to title this post


Ok hello hahaha I haven’t been blogging because I’m too lazy. Anyway it’s like the third week of school already! Omg time flies can, it’s like only yesterday school started. o_o

There was the SLA Fiesta last week and guess what? I applied for Wind Symphony. I don’t know what it’s called that because it’s sorta biased towards the wind instruments. PERCUSSION ALSO IMPORTANT LOR. Uh. Ya. I wanna be in percussion again. ^_^

I think I’m lucky this week. I sold 1 book to Joey who tipped be with 3 boxes of pocky sticks. Hahaha crazy boy go tape everything. Then also Yanmeng buying 2 books tmr and Michelle buying 1. And on saturday, another person bought 2 books. Wow. 6 books at one shot in a week. 😀

Also right, I bought this Tao Kei Noa seaweed or something and there was like $2 inside! Lucky me. I wanna buy again.. I hope this time I get $10 or more. Hahaha greedy me. I don’t wanna eat seaweed so often also, very high in sodium. 😮 *Shocked* LOL. Purposely *shocked*. I shall *laugh* now. *phew!* *retarded* Hahaha thing’s that stupid wannabe blogger did. Ok DIGRESSING!!!

What’s more lucky is that, I got a job interview tmr! So random leh!! My mom said the store looking for people and I was asked to go! Hmm the pay is $6 per hour and I have to wear black and work on weekends. o_o I hope this job won’t pangseh me like BAB. Cheebye you BAB.

Currently in school and darn bored. I just ate McGriddles, which is a waste of money. $5.80 for a meal consisting of Coffee, hashbrowns and the mcgriddle itself. =.=! The bread is normal lor, not so sweet also. I was expecting it to be doused in maple syrup to the extent the wrapper is soaked ahahaha.

Random. Hmmm I’m bored. 😦 I feel like eating sushi! From what I’ve been observing I think they have some sushi outing tmr. lmao as usual I’m no longer invited. Sad. I’ll go be emo now. Hahaha nevermind at least Intan still hangs with me. :] Sushi one day ok.

I’m talking to myself because I’m so bored. Haha. Currently listening to Secondhand Serenade‘s songs, so nice. Acoustic guitar and piano! I wanna learn to play the guitar..

Oh well, I feel a stomach ache coming. Before I left the house I actually ate already. Rice with egg and salted fish with lotsa vinegar. Vinegar in the morning is a big mistake. Ugh. Can I fart now?!?! hahaha

I shall end this post now, bye!


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