Candy is dandy:)

Candy is dandy, Fruit helps you poop!

LOL hahaha kay uh I’m back to blog! Apparently today is a happy day for me. šŸ˜€
Didn’t expect the day to be quite fun.
Hmm k lets see I went for some CE talk with Greg, Priscilla, Rose, Ivan and Ah qiang šŸ˜€
Hahaha me and Ivan just random talking.
Then we reached the lecture theater and we’re like early
So we randomly started talking about names.
Greg was pretending he’s half filipino too šŸ˜”

Me: Eh what’s your full name ah?
Greg: Gregg santos.
Me: o.O really?!??!
Greg: Ya really. You believe? *smirks*
Me: basket! I want to see your ezlink.
Greg: *gives*
Me: Oh. -Shows him my ezlink- Ermm look at the gender..
Greg: Huh? Looks- LOL MALE? Hahahaha you male! Why never change?
Me: lazy…*mumbles*

Gyahahaha then Pris came after talking to her bf and Greg wanted to fool her that the event was full. You know I’m the type that will laugh when someone does a prank.. so I kinda spoilt the fun. šŸ˜›

Oh yea, the talk was damn funny, I was laughing the whole time and Ivan tried hard not to laugh. Apparently he laughs at the way I laugh. D: Event over and I went back to class.

& so they had a sex talk while others we were at the talk.

Dan dan once filled a condom with sup kambeng and threw the condom filled with the soup from a 4th story building. It didn’t burst. It burst when he threw it from the 25th floor hahaha.

& uhm hahaha they were talking about cumming and what I remember was..

Cum + Pee = Navy
Cum shot to the floor = Army
Cum flying over everywhere = Air Force


There was a sniper cum too. Shooting cum randomly, aiming at the…. erm..erm.

Class was fun for once. But the faci’s leaving soon. šŸ˜¦

Oh and thanks Greg for letting me play your psp. šŸ˜€

P.S: Ivan looks a hell lot like chunyi

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