Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl

Or in this case, Gossip Guy. Hahahaha. I was bored and I was like chatting with Chunyi about the randomest stuff ever then it became some gossip session and I gossiped with him about mr. cutiepie. Hahaha chunyi is really not the person I’d gossip girly things about but it’s fun. Hahaha thanks ya chunyi. *melts at the thought of mr cutiepie*

Haven’t been blogging because I’m just too lazy and no one reads my blog anyway. School started like a week ago and it’s been alright. Got a B for first 2 lessons, thank goodness not a C to start with. Classmates are quite cool. There’s Greg the smoker, Li Yang who laughs at every single thing, Dilys the pretty one, Ivan & Si Qiang who are quite nice people. Well this is just the first week, I hope we all can bond better. W45A wasn’t bad, I just hope E46C or E4 Sexy, rather, would be better. 🙂

Currently I’m like going to be sick. I had flu ytd and now I’m feeling a sore throat coming on. I wonder why I’m being sick so often.. must be because of the lack of exercise, something I didn’t do since I stepped into poly and also the lack of eating fruits and veggies, lol.

Today also a bit suay. Lost 2 customers cos 1 buying from her friend and 1 don’t want to buy already. Kns. I don’t wanna lose anymore customers ok. So please help support my blog bookshop, at…


My only source of income. Help me okay..

If you love someone, let them go. If they’re meant for you, they’ll be with you eventually.


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