April Fools~

Happy April Fools!

Gosh. I haven’t been updating my blog for a very long time. I don’t go out often and I always rot at home so there’s nothing much to blog about.

It’s April 1st, so happy april fools day everyone! I think right, whatever jokes or pranks made on this day shouldn’t be taken seriously. It is a fool’s day afterall. Lol.

By right, I am supposed to go work later but no thanks to BAB’s last minute scheduling, I got cancelled because I didn’t reply their sms early. 1 hour late only and I lost my working hours. Damn.

But it’s ok, cos this is the last week for me to rot and do nothing cos next week, school starts. Bummer, I know. I hope year 2 won’t be hell for me. At least I don’t have school on Wednesday.


I had a primary school gathering last week at ECP and it was fun! Met all my old classmates and even schoolmates I couldn’t remember. Everyone changed. All the guys are smokers now and most of them ended up in ITE. -.-” One guy was head prefect, teachers pet and basically an all rounder student in primary school but he’s in ITE now. How ironic. Lol. Anyway, we had a bbq and we all swam in the water. It’s really fun and tiring. It was also some of their birthday, namely Farhana, Faiz and Kamisah.. so there was this really cool home made cake which is UBER cute and pretty. Pity I don’t have pictures because I don’t seem to see farhana online to get the pics from her. It was fun la, we smashed the cake on everyone’s faces, LOL. Imagine from 11am in the morning till 11pm at night of fun and food. Tiring and bloated! Haha.

I hope there’ll be another gathering soon, even though I don’t talk much to them because they all converse in malay and I don’t speak malay. 😀 laugh at stupid jokes!

2am now and I wish I am not this worried about the prank that I made. Starting to feel stupid.. but its april fools day. SHOULDN’T feel stupid. Ha.

The blog skin is pink now, nicer, right? 😀


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