Build-A-Bear Pt 2

Build-A-Bear Pt. 2

I just finished watching Meet the Spartans the second time online. It’s so stupid it’s hilarious. xD

Anyway today was my second day of training at BAB and it’s so fun can! Came home at 8.30 and my feet is hurting me! Standing for 7.5hrs is tiring, but FUN at BAB. Sold 2 bears again today, but this time naked bears, so a bit wasted. lol. Not that much things to do today either cos we already restock everything in the shop! So most of the time spending doing First Impression Bear and basically talking to the customers, make them feel included and invited and give them a good experience at Build A Bear.

Now I’m not that shy to greet people and bid them goodbye already, yay. I notice that the angmohs are more responsive when we greet them while the Singaporeans just stare at you as if you’re nuts. Singaporeans should be more outgoing and SMILE MORE CAN. But then again, due to the increasing prices of everything, there’s nothing else to smile about LOL.

Anyway, it makes me happy when I see kids happily holding their stuffed animals and doing the heart ceremony. Love it! It’s so cute to see them so innocent and… adorable. Even during the fluffing session where you clean your bear from all the extra fur and stuffings. So cute to see them happily cleaning. Haha.

Guess what. I got STUFFED today. I was stuffing the bear then POOF, the stuffings all flew out cos I didn’t hold the skin properly -_- My shirt, hair, face all got the fluff and on the floor too, lol. Didn’t have time to clean because the people for the Corporate Party is coming but it’s ok cos there was mass stuffing to be done. The corporate party is cool, adults clad in formal wear coming for a team bonding session and getting the bear for themselves or their kids. So warming to see the smile on the faces. :’)

I really like it working there. I hope I still will in the near future. lol. 😀

& Singaporeans, please smile more!


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