Welcome to build a bear workshop!

Today’s my first day of work there and I like it! Had to reach there by 10am but reached 5mins late, lol. I so hate my pants, keeps slipping down to my butt. =.=

Anyway! There was alot of other bear builders there today becos we had to replenish stock and clean the whole place because some big boss angmoh dude is coming to inspect and take a look at the store. Aini, another trainee said that it was madness becos everyone was walking around (note, walking, not rushing) trying to get things done, strip the bears, unstuff, stuff them, dress them.. bla bla. I had to clean the glass wall first, which is kinda l-o-l but its okay.

Time flies when I’m there. Within a blink of an eye it’s 2pm and it’s lunch time already! I ate new york pizza cos it’s the nearest to the store. NYP standard go down alr, pizzas shrink and the taste isn’t there. Bah. Apparently the manager and the atas people had like 1 hour of lunch time when we had 3omins only! It’s alright.. we get to slack a bit while they weren’t there 😛

I manage to sell 2 ‘bears’ today! Happy. I stuffed one bear for this little girl who wanted her doggy bear…hard. LOL. Stiff cos they want it to skate. Then I also tended to this SUPER ADORABLE LITTLE GIRL! I love her so much. She looks like a toddler version of Eleanor. SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. She’s like, “Can I dress the bear please? -big big eyes-” Omg I totally melted sia. End up she got one panty (lol), 1 sweater, 1 skirt, 1 pair of boots, 1 sunglasses. Met the 5 accessories thingy, whee 😛 The total of the bear was like $99+, wtf. I don’t know why people would pay so much for such things -_-“

Today is like, Garry the manager’s birthday so we crowded around him and sang him the Build-A-Bear song and a birthday song. After that, he was like, this is my dream come true. Cos right, all the BAB staff are girls and we’re like crowded around him -_-” EXCEPT ONE GUY hahahaha. Garry was like, no kiss? Everyone was like, EW! LOL..

Garry reminds me of fire and he looks like fire too! lol.

Shift ended at 6pm sadly. I didn’t mind staying longer but mom wanted to do grocery shopping. I brought mom to look around the store first and she’s like, this is such a waste of money! lol. Went to giant and brought groceries and cabbed home cos there’s like lots of groceries to carry. Now I’m here typing this and I’m gonna iron my pants for tmr. lol. Good night! Hope tmr’s a great day as well!



  genese wrote @

how old r u? i am eleven can u get me free bear clothes hope so. toodles


  fajima wrote @

lol i no longer work there and i cant get free clothes. haha..

  chinesegurl wrote @

do you know any codes?? could you ive some to me?

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