Decision & Sum up!

The Decision & Summary

Okay I have decided to say in Republic Poly. It was just an impulse decision and I usually don’t think straight when I’m not feeling happy so all the decisions I make are usually on impulse. I guess I just have to make the best out of RP and try to make new friends and appreciate my course. 🙂 I want to do well and get on the Academic roll of honours next year!

I can’t wait to meet intan later to buy clothes and shoes for BAB. Yep, I got hired by Build-A-Bear so I hope it’s fun working there. The pay is quite good too I guess. If I have sufficient pay, I’ll definitely return dd and give her more if needed. Oh yes, I’ll be eating at sakae too, been wanted to eat sushi for the longest time! Can’t wait! 🙂

NOW.. time for a photolog! Mostly pictures of matthew’s chalet and a very funny para para dance video. Mind you, I don’t go to the arcade often lest play that ahlian/ahbeng para para dance game. It’s fun! I wish I can book a chalet at Aloha Loyang again but this time, near the pool side. That would be sooo awesome!

Picture courtesy of shipei

Aloha Loyang, Bungalow 13! Extremely beautiful bungalow I tell you. I was like omgomgomg-ing once we reached, lol.


LOL I was imitating a starfish! 😛

Late night swimming in inappropriate attire, lol

Everyone arcading!!!

Me attempting to parax2. I am so fat lol.

Fluffy skies!! So cute.


Attempting to climb over fence FAIL!



Overall it was a fun experience and outing, and did I mentioned I drank vodka! We were given lemon vodka which taste a little crap but it got us and especially, Ryan, extremely high. He was laughing at everything hahaha. Played blow wind blow, lol@ger. Wanted to see sunrise but we all ended up sleeping cos we’re toooo tired! Woke up at 9 plus, pissed and changed and took the shuttle bus to pasir ris. Goodness, I was so exhausted I slept all the way to Boon Lay and I was reluctant to alight, haha!

We had a minds cafe outing that evening consisting of Cindy, shipei, izzat, danny, johan, emily and of course me! It was funnnn and I love that place. Total bill was like, $112? Omg. Expensive haha.. But its fun! 🙂 Thanks alot cindy mummy for always paying for our outings and thanks for paying my cab fare too..! Love you lotsss!

Thanks to all my members for being such lovely people..

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