Impulse Decisions

Impulse Decisions

Ok I mentioned yesterday that I won’t be blogging but what the fuck, I went blog hopping and saw a very nice blog skin so I decided to change and well what’s the purpose of changing if you don’t blog right? So here I am, after changing the blog skin and blogging. This is impulse decision no. 1.

Impulse decision no. 2 is deciding to transfer to MI. I am not sure if I should transfer or not. I am used to not studying (well I haven’t studied for anything anyway) and I am so used to not .. using my brain. Lol. I don’t know and I’m so confused. Tsk..

Anyway I came back from Matthew’s 18th Birthday chalet on Sat and I was drained. It was a fun occasion after all, just that there was tension and abit of conflict, lol. Oh well, I’m awaiting and planning Litez’s own chalet in March. 🙂

Happy birthday Matt and good luck in school k!


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