Another mundane post

bah humbug.

In class now. Math today. o_o I’ve been sleeping so late recently and I’m sooo deprived of sleep. My eyes look like panda eyes now. Hai.

Anyway had G106 UT4 today. Came in late but fortunately it was easyyy.


Actually I have nothing to write about. I’m just irritated. The class is planning some crap chalet and birthday celebrations. They are so hardcore when planning birthday parties for the others, especially for this certain chio-bu in my class. Wtf.. chiobu only all so hard core. I didn’t even get a birthday wish/party from them 😦 while I always contribute money when the others have a birthday party. Not fair 😦

Speaking of birthdays, Happy Birthday Shi Pei :]
Time flies, lol. It’s like only yesterday I was telling you that you are legal enough to go clubbing, etc. And now you’re more than legal. πŸ˜‰

Hehe anyway so much for the movie today. Sniff. Not gonna watch already cos so many people not free. Can’t wait for sup tulang tmrw! Suck suck~

Today’s lesson is about bubbles.. lol cute. We have to recreate the program -.-

Your HIV cells

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