First Post of 2008!!

Happy ’08, 5 days late!

Current Song: FM Static – Tonight

Haha. Time flies, it’s the new year already. Sadly I’m starting school tmrw and I even have a freakin test on thursday, ugh. Anyway, it’s ’08! I hope this year is better compared to last year. Last year was filled with ups and downs. Not that bad but could be better.

Main point of blogging is to tell you 0 readers that I love this new layout! There that ‘Pull’ tag which you can click and something will drop down. Cool right! By the way there’s no more tagboard and links area, hoho. So you have to comment in the post instead. Just click the number beside the date of the post.

Right, the second point of me blogging is.. to post about the ECP Outing on Friday! Celebration of Johan’s birthday. Great now he’s the same age as me. 😦

Lol the outing was filled with fun. Me, Aysh, Dd and Johan with Shub and Jan accompanying us later on. We played with the sand, took a swim (not really though, didn’t dare to go deeper), made sand boobs, ate aysh’s power da mashed potatoes, my cookies, johan’s pandan cake, dd’s lays potato chips and drinksssss. Yum yum. Also went to cycle and roller blade! I’m so gonna save up for a pair of skates. Fun way to lose weight! 🙂

There’s lots of laughters and camwhoring too. Lots of eating and screaming. Not to mentioned I fell while skating. o_O Lost my balance and fell like a rotten fruit, boohoo. Hahah. And when we were done with everything, we went to take a shower publicly. Couldn’t shower in the nude though, lol. It’s fun showering in the open and under the rain! So fun I kept showering even when everyone was ready, lol.

Thanks aysh for the GSE shirt!
Thanks dd and aysh for the shadows fund!
Thanks Shub and Jan for taking care of our things!
Thanks all! ❤

The Sea!

Coconut trees swaying with the breeze!

Almost empty! No kids, no parentsss, peace!

dd, the representative for ECP.

Cute husky we saw along the way. Not cute owner though.

My cute feets.


Bird-day boy happy eating. Oh, he’s super hyper on that day. o_o

Playing on the beach.



Sand Boobies, a tradition for every visit to ECP.

Monkey faji and monkey ayshie!


Yum yum.

Bye ECP<3

Ok I hope I didn’t suck all your bandwidth, ahah!


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