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Okay, my blog titles are gonna be random song titles now. :]
Anyway, new blog skin! I go so sick of the simple plain one so I found this skin.
Not that nice but I like the colours.

Yesterday was fun. Me, dd & shubby went to Sim Lim Square! I wanted to buy an additional RAM for my laptop. We walked around the wholeeeeee place and I finally settled with the shop at the 4th floor. 😀 $31 for a 1gb ram. I think it’s damn cheap, considering the $75 Nicholas paid for the SAME EXACT RAM lol. I also bought a mic! Very loud and clear.

Oh, dd bought a zen stone plus for her brother. So good right? I wish I have a sister like her, lol. I don’t even buy stuff for my brother.

Went to bugis to buy cat supplies after that. Spent another $41 on cat food & litter. :S

Ate burger king! Yum yum, I LOVE onion rings. I think I shall buy later after school 🙂
Lol, shubby shared alot of sick jokes while eating. Examples:

SP – Suck Pussy
RP – Ripe Pussy
TP -Tight Pussy
NYP – Not Your Pussy
NP – No Pussy (I think, lol.)

Cheebye la you shub. So perverticccc.

After that we went to Peninsula Plaza to buy my jeans! 2 for $40. Okok la, lol. The lady who owns the store was dressed like any normal malay mom but she doesn’t act like one! Lol. Very cool.

Went to Marina Square after that to buy my polo tee. xD I bought one green and one white. 2 for $24. Much cheaper than the 2 for $30 one at Giordano. 😀 I think I have 6 polo tees already, yay. Rotted at Macs after that. Yum yum my hot chocolate was nice but it’s like so expensive! $4.80 omg -.- & while I was drinking, shubby was like, “You’re drinking my brain juice! Oh no you’re eating my balls (in ref to the marshmellows)!!!!” Nutcase, lol.

Left at 8.30, reached home at 9.45pm.

Thanks dd & shub for accompanying me to shop and tahan my randomness! 😀

Total Damage for the day:

1gb Kingston RAM – $31
Mic – $8
Cat supplies – $41 (plus membership fee!)
Burger King – $6.40
Jeans – $40
Polo Tee – $24
Hot chocolate – $4.80
Paid dd $29
TOTAL: $184.20

$340 – $20 (zaini) – $11 (cookie ingredients) – $7 (xmas hat) – $2.50 (ice cream) – $184.20 (ytd) = $115.

$115 – $15 (sch allowance) = $100

-banks in money-

T.T Ok time to find a job already.


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