Culture & Communication’s Class

C&C classes are always more fun. Today’s topic is about gender equality and stuff, which is quite interesting. Anyway the funny part I’m gonna blog about is about students of both sexes learning Home Econs.

Andre (My teacher): Do you think that males should learn how to cook as well?
Me: YES! So they can cook dinner for us instead.
Class: Wooo romantic sia!
Ridwan: What if the guy dunno how to cook? He prepare the dinner table all so nice with candles and nice plates, skali he come out… MEE MAGGI. Or maybe, cup noodles!!
Class: LOL!!!!

Another one.

Ridwan: Cher you can cook ah?
Andre: Of course! I cook good fish head curry, pasta.. etc etc
Shanker: He start to show off liao!!
Ridwan: I also can cook. I can boil water, cook maggi, cup noodles..
Class: Lol!

Haha, wednesdays are always so funny.

Anyway, Saturday! WizLink will be having some de-brief and makan session. But before there, me & shawn & dd will be watching a movie! I want to watch stardust.. or maybe enchanted. Can’t decide, haha. I want to go cycling at ECP on Sunday too!


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