2 weeks recap!

Alright, time for one massive picture loaded post that will suck up all the bandwidth in the world. Let’s start with the first week of november.

Chalet + Bbq Night

Chalet was fun! Was so glad we booked aloha changi cos’ it’s really big and nice. Bbq was awesome too, we had Zeen and DerekT as our bbq(wo)men. Aha, glad the others could make it.

Was kind of dead at first, everyone was watching TV, playing counterstrike. I even cried cos everyone was so dead lah, but in the end its okay. We went for a night walk.. 🙂 Darn funny. It was dark so I grabbed Shawn’s bag and he lead the way. Danny scared Karl. Lol. Karl, Zeen and Shawn had to go home after the night walk.. and now that I think of it, kinda embarassing for me to cry infront of them cos they didn’t want to sleep over. Haha. Thanks for the hugs though, the 3 of you.

Then all went back to cut the cake.. eat desserts made by aysh.. and camwhore! Aysh’s a surprisingly good cook! Aysh, CG, Johan and Sofia went home after that.. and we all started playing card games after that. Lots of laughter and swearing and Shadows even pooped and vomited. Oh dear. Aha. Okay, picture time.

Group photo!

chocolate fondue!

i wonder what they’re doing.

random camwhoring during night walk; shawn! LOL


sir edward raffles.

siao kia SuayT.

Karl grinding the pole!!!!!

makan and card game at 2am.

Ahaha card games at night.. Indian poker, blackjack.. etc. Derek was like the suay one that night.. lol. Fast forward to 5am, it rained when I wanted to watch the sun rise. -.-“

7am came and aysh, cg and johan came back to the chalet! Ate leftover breakfast, cleaned up, had my hair cut by aysh and left the place! Thank you aloha changi for making my birthday a memorable one.



Last week was like, my first time skipping school for almost the whole week! I only went to school on Monday. Tuesday I went out with members to Vivo.. lots of laughter, picture taking and did I mention laughter? Lol. The sight of fish in Johan’s mouth while he’s laughing hysterically is very L-O-L.

Didn’t go to school on Wed either cos I overslept.

Now its time for Thurs.. to Sun!

Me, Shawn, dd and Cindy worked at Orchard Hotel for some Asian Breast Diseases Conference thing. Really fun and easy job and we are like, paid $8 per hour! Working with friends really rock. Met new people like Charlene, Pushpa and Amy! For 4 days we all ate Hotel food.. very jelak already. Aha.

The job starts at 7am.. madness huh? Heh so for Thurs and Fri I met shawn at tiong bahru mrt at 6.50am before meeting Cindy to pick us up.. tsk fancy waking up at 5am. I totally KO-ed on Sunday.

There was a Conference Dinner at Sentosa on Saturday and we got to watch Songs of the Sea. Cool light and water effects but their actors suck big time. We all had to usher/guide the doctors and stuff. -.- Going to sentosa wearing formal clothes isn’t fun. Leg pain.

~ Gonna miss them all, and I hope that I can work for WizLink again. Fun! Picture time!

Wizlink Consultancy.

First day outfit. Had to wear black heels. :S

Toilet.. pretty. I prefer Royal Plaza on Scott’s hotel’s toilet though.

Cutie pie shawn.

slacking working in action.

meringue tarts!

the four of us!

me and dd 🙂

shawn and me :)~~

i know you’re looking!

tulan fairy hahaha.

still can pose.. lol. rose held on his head courtesy of me!

production line/ packing goody bag.. omg o_o tiring.

lunch! i like the lamb. medium rare!

close up of the ginger bread house. real bread and candy!

amy’s hair.



wizlink + coffee = fun work.



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