darn packed week

darn packed week

today’s tuesday and i’m not in school cos i’m lazy/too tired/hate science. i was supposed to meet redzuan to go to school together but i had to pangseh him. sorryyyyyyyy. haha.

1 more week to the chalet + bbq! cannot wait hehe.

friday + saturday

anyway about my week last week. was darn packed loh, esp fri to sun. friday and saturday i had a leadership camp. quite alright la, not that fun but i liked the adventure learning part. i had to walk across a shaky bridge (without anything to hold on) which has boxes in the middle and i had to lead a blind folded partner too! after that i had to cross over to the wooden plank which had a hole in the middle. my friend fell into it but i managed to pull her up. after that was the see-saw plank. the moment i stepped on to it, it went dowwwwwwn. then i had to walk across, make the plank balance in equilibrium then go back to the finish point! its not as easy as it looks but yay i finished it! 😀 its fun and i wanna do it again.

the adventure camp!

after that was lunch and stuff.. some management talk bla bla bla. i wasn’t concentrating at all, just doodling on paper, lol. had some games after that before i was called out to do some rehearsal for sunday. end up doing the script only, lol.


the big day, hoho. had to report at youth park at 9am. met vivien at 8am to have breakfast.. was soooo tired and my body was aching. event started okay.. not much people.. soon lots came. haha i was surprised i wasn’t nervous at all talking to loads of people on stage. 😀 i look forward to emceeing at more events.

anyway there was a lucky draw. first one was a crumpler bag! there was a zen stone to be won too but it was cancelled cos it rained and the coupons got wet. ANYWAY. the first lucky draw. the first name that was picked out was by some student helper. i called for her name thrice but no response so ok, i let mr wilson ang who was invited to pick out the winner choose again. when he picked up the second name, he looked at it and passed it to me. i looked at it and im like, OMG ITS ME!! LOL. the crowd was like, KELONG!!! haha i showed the coupon to them. xD lucky me. mr wilson was laughing too. haha 😀 lucky me.

the $98 crumpler bag.

aha.. even though it was common and i wanted to sell it.. i figured i might as well keep it. not everyday i get to win a nice bag, eh?

the whole event ended at 7. went to eat dinner and headed home….

first time emceeing a big scale event, first time winning a lucky draw. thank you republic poly for giving me this chance, lol.

looking forward to next weeek!


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