good things don’t last

good things don’t last

i’ve no idea why i’m so depressed lately. 😦
i just feel sooo down in the dumps then i’ll start crying. -.-
i dunno la.
my class not making it better…
hate to say this but the cliques are forming..
i hope it wont be as bad as my old class..
already in school i don’t have much friends..

i also hate it when people don’t treat me as a girl..
i know i don’t dress like one cos i don’t like it..
but still i’m a girl 😦
i hate it when ppl “punch” my arm as a form of greeting..
i’m not a thug.. don’t do that man..
all i want now is a reassuring hug..
i wish there’s someone for me to confide my feelings with..
i want someone to love me 😦
i hate self pity..
but this is just one of those days i can’t deny..

someone, anyone?


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