hari raya

Hari raya!

i have a feeling no one reads my blog anymore, boohoo. anyway!

selamat hari raya to all muslims!

finally the fasting month is over but not that i care or something cos i don’t even fast! lol.
dad asked me to go over to his house to celebrate hari raya.
quite alright i guess.
lots of food.. kueh… gassy drinks.
i’m gonna grow fatter! much fatter.
there’s a lot of food like ketupat rendang! lol! lontong, sotong, some food i forgot the name, begedil and the usual raya food.

ketupats! i rarely find ppl making these nowadays.

the food to accompany the ketupat. yummy and sinful.

so yea.. people in the house cleaned the house.. made it all nice and stuff.. i prefer my dad’s house than my mom’s house cos it’s so much nicer and the interior is nicely decorated.

the 2nd living room. nice right?

some water decorations

uhhuh uhhuh. on saturday we went to 2 houses. my grandpa’s and some other relatives’ houses. i only got $30 in total. lol at least some money. johan got $300. fuck you johan.

here’s some random pictures.

picture found while cleaning. yep that’s me and my bro. i’m so cute last time.


lol at my dad.

lol again.

serious picture!



lol that’s all for the day.. came back home and here i am blogging. my back hurts 😦
anyway 24 more days to my chalet + bbq! i hope they can overnight with me else i’ll cry, boohoo.

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