3 days retreat

3 days retreat!

Goodness! Where should I start?

Friday, 5 october

Excited! Met the gang at City Hall and went to Eunos together! I was supposed to stop at City hall but I overslept and went all the way to Marina Bay so had to take the train back, lol. Went to my workplace to eat.. chilli crab.. and stuff. Bill came up to $152. 😦 expensive! After eating, we we’re like thinking of something to do.. so we ended up going to town to rot at B&J. Initially I wanted to rot at Starbucks but it was crowded! Intan left earlier cos her house is near Eunos.. boo!

Rotted at B&J till 11.15pm. Didn’t wanna go home so early but what to do, don’t wanna miss the last train home. Before leaving, we went to the toilet la to piss then I dragged Danny to the girls toilet. He was about to open the door when a girl opened it from inside, LOL! He siam-ed. xD

Saturday, 6 october

SO EXCITED!!!!! I’m gonna sleep over at Emily’s hotel room! omg!! Met Shipei and Intan at City Hall to buy B&J for Emily cos she haven’t tried it. Expensive, $27.40. So anyway we reached the hotel at 7pm I think. So grand la the hotel!!! 5 star!

Her room was a tad bit small but it’s alright. We girls reached first! Thanks hunks Edward and Matthew for buying us the Subway dinner! :)) We hosted the GH20 and even had a random talk show till 12am with Da Ge Ge and Xiao Di Di LOLL. Freaking funny.

Should men shave their armpit hair?

That was one of the questions asked. 😀

It was like 1am already and the guys havent left. They ended up sleeping over anyway! Yay more company! They played CS till 4am? Hardcore guys. And oh did I mention? We went to some lounge and rotted there while talking about horny people and mass orgies. LOL And I drank my first beer! LOL!! Tasted fine at first but started to taste more bitter afterwards. It was cool nonetheless!!!! 😀 I wanna try others soon. 😛 The toilet was freaking cool also!!!! omg *faint*

Sunday, 7 October

GOOD MORNING! We woke up at 7am. The 2 guys slept for a while only, omg. They woke up first, followed by Shipei and me. Emily really KO xD. We lazed around, talk cock and headed for breakfast! Unfortunately we had to let the guys eat mcD cos the buffet……extra $34 per head. -.-! so ex. SORRY EDWARD AND MATTHEW! 😦 We felt so guilty while eating our buffet breakfast.. ><

We left at 4+ cos Emily had a dinner to go to. Oh wells! Matthew wasted $22 on cab fare cos he left his wallet at the hotel….. go figure.

I bought a mic at $14. Scammed 😦
Ate mac for lunch.. bleh.


Thanks alot guys and girls for the fun, joy and laughter the past 3 days!!! I’ve never had so much fun before! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!! *Muacks!*

PS. Soorrryyyy aysh! It wasn’t as fun without you but don’t worry, next time we die die bring you along!


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