rotting at home

Rotting at home

Didn’t go to school today because I really hate my facilitator who’s indian with a really stupid accent and because I hate math. Hah. Nothing to lose because maths suckssssss.

Bored at home. Anyway I had a dream last night.. weird dream. I hate it when dreams affect my mood and now I’m all moody and stuff. I believe what we dream about has something to do with our real life. Dreams aren’t just dreams — they have a meaning. I wonder what mine means. :/

Tomorrow Emily’s coming to SG and we’re all gonna have dinner at my working place, yay. Can’t wait for chilli crab!

W45A has been awesome for me. I’m starting to be like the guys, playing counter strike and swearing 24/7. 😦 That’s not good, eh?


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