W45A – New Class, New Beginnings

My blog title sounds funny. Like some National Day motto, lol. Anyway. It has been 1 week since school started and I’m pretty much starting to like my class! Bunch of friendly people and not so classy kinda people. Love ’em! I’ve also sorta become the class DJ, playing songs that they requested, lol.

My class seems to love my weird mouse too. o_O Who doesn’t? x) Hehe let me introduce to you guys the dudes in my class.

Sitting infront of me is Owen. The guy who I initially thought was an ahbeng due to his blond/gold hair. Hahaha lmao. I was like, wah nice name hor this ah beng. He turned out to be a really cool dude, not to mention extremely cute and tanned. *blush* Sorry gals, he’s attached. xD

Next to him is Yan Keat. He has really tiny eyes so I initially thought he was from China. Hahaha he’s also cool lah, but sometimes abit blur.

Ok, behind me is Shankar. Friendly and outgoing guy with the cool tablet pc. lol I didn’t know he can be very friendly.

Then there is the brains of the class, Vishal. He can answer every single nonsense and he talks well too. An avid fan of Green Day, just like my other moronic friend. Hiakhiak dude you gotta chill and let others talk too. xD

On the other table is Clement. Geeky looking but eh! Don’t judge people by their cover. This guy is darn nice and he has awesome taste in music. Haha

Beside him is Nicholas, who looks like Bryan, my friend. Nicholas is really crazy about airplanes and aircrafts and he spends his time playing pilot on his laptop in class. Other than that he’s pretty smart and a confident speaker too.

On the opposite table is Kelvin. He’s pretty quiet so I don’t really know much about him yet. 😡

Same goes for that China guy with the funny fuzzy hair. Forgot his name.

Second last is Jing Kiat. Funky specs guy and funny too.

Lastly isssssssss Ridwan! The only malay guy in the class! He’s half chinese and half malay and he can speak both malay and chinese!!!!! Damn cool right! Lol he’s also another joker and he really love shaking my mouse so the eyeballs will shake ahaha. 😀

That’s the review for the MALES in my class.. watch out soon for the females 😉



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