retail therapy

Retail Therapy!!!

Met with prerna today! Wheeeee. For clothes shopping! Haha. First we went to bugis to find her spongebob shirt but alas, the shop that used to sell it is now a stupid money changing shop. 😦 and stuff they sell at bugis kinda suck. Alot of the clothes are for super thin people. :(!!!

So we went to BHG at bugis junction. I didn’t know what BHG meant until prerna told me.

Be Here for Good Things! (whoever came up with this ought to be shot dead)

DIAO SO LAME RIGHT. LOL. -.-‘ Well, after trying stuff, I bought 1 shirt there and 1 bag. The bag costed me $30 and the shirt is $15! Prerna bought shades 8)

My bag! nice right!

Then we went to Jurong point. Went to Giordano to see see. They changed to casual wear to very formal wear. 😦 Then went to look ard at OP. Bought 2 shirts! 🙂

Bossini also changed to selling formal/crap wear. :S

I forgot what I did next. I think we walked ard looking for clothes to buy. But no more liao, not nice already. Went to John Little. I bought 3…….boob supporters. LOL. Initially wanted to get 2 only and get another top but.. some not nice/too ex/no size. So yah. :/ Spent so long there till back and leg ache. Oh yer, I bought famous amos cookies too! 2 big pkts for $10!

After a long day of shopping we went to eat dinner and my break-fast at FISH & CO! THE FISH AND CHIPS IS SOOO NICEEEE. The mushroom soup is awesome too! Omg lo! Must go again next time! They sure got me HOOKED. Hur!

Popped by Popular bookstore to get my laptop pouch.. and I bought a new mouse on impulse. Lol cheap mah. The pouch was $21 bux. :l

Bought new sandals after that. Hehe. Went home after spending a bomb! >TOTAL DAMAGE FOR TODAY

Surfer’s Paradise Bagpack: $29.90
Random grey top:
Buy 1 get 1 free OP shirt:
3 Bras xD :
$51 (less $50 thx to gift voucher)
2 packs famous amos cookies:
Fish & co dinner:
Laptop pouch:
Sandals: $19

TOTAL: $148.70

… walao. I still have to pay my mom %60 for 2 months of broadband. I haf to pay $30 each mth in addition -.-‘

I’m so broke. Needa work already. -CRYYYYYYYYYYY- Still haf to save.. omg I need to bury my money somewhere so i wont spend!

This is cuddles, lol.


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