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just came back from work an hour ago. just ate and i feel satisfied. i can’t wait for the sushi buffet tmr and i’m watching hairspray with my lovelies. 🙂 life can’t get any better.

anyway i was blog hopping and i found this quiz on sofia’s blog!

1. You’re on a deserted island and you see an animal. What animal is it?

2. You bumped into another animal. What animal is it?

3. You continue walking and you find a house. Outside the house, there’s a table. What is the shape of the table?

4. Around the table, there are chairs. How many chairs are there?

5. On the table, there’s a bottle. What is the material of the bottle?

6. How much water is there inside the bottle?
7. You enter the house and you see candle/s lighted up. How many candles are there?

8. You exit the house and you find a river. Would you swim across or find another way?
If the river is shallow enough, I’ll swim. If it’s realllyyy deep, I’ll find another way.

9. After you go across the river, you go up a hill and lie down there. Give 3 feelings on how you will feel when lying down there.
Calm, Relaxed & Happy

10. You saw a waterfall. What is the speed of the waterfall in the range from 1 to 10?

11. You go/ shower under the waterfall. What will you shout when you’re there?

12. You left the waterfall and you see a stream. How many swans do you see?

Here’s the meaning of the qns.

1. That animal is your partner.

2. That animal is you.

3. That shape of the table is how you think.

4. The number of chairs you said corresponds to the number of true friends you have.

5. That material is what your heart is made of.

6. That is how happy you are.

7. That is how generous you are.

8. That tells us how you solve your problems.

9. Those 3 feelings are what you’re gonna feel during your own wedding.

10. That’s how fast your sexdrive is.

11. That’s what you will say when you’re having sex.

12. That’s how many boyfriends/girlfriends you have before getting married.

LOL how pathetic my sexdrive 6/10 nia and I’ll have 8 bfs before i get married. Aiyo. LOL

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