Rant rant rant!

I want to rant!

I feel like ranting since yesterday but was lazy.. I want to rant now but I’ve no mood! Haha anyway its like the last weeks of school already! I wanna rot at home but.. I chose to work.. Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun.. 5 days.. = $200.. hee hee

Speaking of werk.. it’s beginning to be alright now. Not that boring, not so busy either cos not much people come to dine in the day. :)!!! I usually work from 1-10pm.. 9 hours but usually around 6+ then ppl come in to eat so I practically slack from 1-6.. either reading Elean’s mag or playing her laptop haha! Since I started working there 2 weeks ago, I notice 2 staff gone liao.. Ali and the big aunty whose name I forgot.. Pity. Ah di also gone but elean says his leg injured.. haha. Hope he comes back soon.

Since Ali left, 2 BANGLAHS like took over his position. 1 banglah usually clean the tables and wash the plates.. now I donno why he start to serve food also.. but that banglah is ok lah. Then the other one is.. fucking stupid. Anyone who is banglah and goes by the name of BABU is bound to be a retard. AHHH stupid guy. Once there was lots of food to serve, then there is a huge pot of tomyum soup.. and a small plate of veggies. That fucking bastard took the small plate and left the huge pot for ME to carry.. knn.. then also, the retard.. is just plain stupid. Take order list then put one side.. you expect it to talk to the kitchen is it? No brainer..

Next.. Anthony. You are a 40 year old single and pathetic person. You can talk properly for nuts and you go around irritating people with your mumble talk about your sad pathetic love life. All you do is smoke and smoke and smoke. Ugh I don’t know what to say about you alrdy. Just that you are a freaking moron.

Ok lah no more staff to bitch about.. mostly just the retarded ones.. I hate working with incompetent people.. waste time and energy.. haha. The other aunties are nice :)They’re motherly ladies, heh.

Wow.. seems like I do have the mood to rant. Well.. getting bored. Science suck. No. Actually it doesn’t but RP made it suck so bad with their stupid and senseless problem statements. Hai. There’s still science next semester. Omg -.-

I want to sleep…


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