i’m a spendthrift

I’m a spendthrift!!!

Ok. Money is hard to come by, yes. I worked last week and got $80 as pay. And I spent it all yesterday and today. On what? On my cat………. -_-

I’ve been spending more on Cuddles than myself. Sigh nevermind, I’ll be working again this weekend so that gives me another $80 and with my John Little/Robinsons Gift Voucher that makes it $130 to spend on clothes and shoes!11! YAY!~~ Haha 😀

Ok here’s a list of what I bought:

Cat Scratching Post – $27.50
Catnip Mouse – $2.35
2 cans of tuna – $0.95 x 2
2 cans of vege & tuna – $0.90 x 2
McD home delivery – $7.70
A pair of sneakers – $18.90
Royal Canin kibbles – $24.50
Kitty litter – $10
Catnip powder – $7
Cab fare (I was late and I hate peak hr charges) – $5.70

TOTAL: $107.35

OMG!!!! SO MUCH! Aiyo.. I actually got $20 from my mom for the sneakers.. so, like really, omg. SO much in 2 days! I must save! I have debts to pay! I don’t wanna end up like my dad, he borrows money people and end up and debts and when he has money, he just spends it happily. Well that’s where I got my genes from. LOL. MUST SAVE!



  waterdamagelady wrote @

It’s hard not to spend your hard-earned money on your cat. If I had the money to spend, I would probably buy oodles and oodles of cat trees, towers, and little things they can swipe at all the time.

Suggestion: why not grow your own catnip? Seeds on ebay generally run at about $1 for about 100 or more. It’ll definitely cost you less in the long run. That way, you can spend the $5 you saved on yourself 🙂

  fajima wrote @

Haha hey!

I love my cat so much I’d spend alot of things on him. As for the catnip, the bottle lasted a long time.. I still have it now..

Unfortunately I no longer have my cat anymore.. he didn’t come back after his usual rounds outside of the house :S

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